Utilities Undergrounding Mapping Application

The Utilities Undergrounding Mapping Application uses geographical information systems technology to create maps on line that display project boundaries for undergrounding projects. For project details, refer to the legend that is included with each map.

For alternative formats of the maps, e-mail

For assistance with the maps or legends, or call the Utilities Undergrounding Information Line at (619) 533-3841.

Note: If you use anti-popup software, you will need to temporarily disable it while you use this tool.

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Please note that schedules and project boundaries can be changed without notice. The City of San Diego reserves the right to make modifications to the block boundaries and plans. Residential block boundaries may change due to design work, precise engineering, or other utility company obligations, and, residential block boundaries may expand or contract up to 25%. In accordance with Council policy 600-08, the City Council may in the future change the order of undergrounding projects set forth in the schedule. All property owners, as well as property buyers and sellers, should be aware of this disclaimer. While we do our best for accuracy, the City of San Diego is not responsible for unintentional errors or omissions.

Information Last Updated 7/17/2011
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